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David Leslie
Centre Manager

Although new to Adult Learning, David has a wealth of experience in education, having been a secondary school teacher for 35 years, 17 of those as Principal. Semi-retired, David is an interested and active community member. David enjoys meeting the diverse range of students and the positive atmosphere they bring to BCAL.

Bill Street
Centre Coordinator/Trainer

Bill joined BCAL way back in 2001 as a computer trainer.

Since then he has played almost every role in the organisation at some time or other, including reception, administration, reporting, tech support, literacy, numeracy and cat-butler. Bill's current roles include short course coordination, facilitating the Practical Music course, and he still teaches computers.

Olivia Hurrell
Partnerships Engagement/Teacher

Olivia is a Migrant English teacher and Partnerships Engagement Officer. She loves working with people from all around the world. Olivia loves the people she works with and seeing the difference that attending BCAL makes to peoples lives. She feels fortunate that we have such an organisation in the Bass Coast.

Lisa Ovejero

Lisa teaches Reading, Writing and Maths for Life, Practical Music and Capacity Building Exploring Art. Lisa has vast experience in the music industry, a background in teaching English as an Additional Language and has run many art groups. She loves helping students to achieve their goals and says that watching the progress is very rewarding.

Daryl Cavender

Daryl has many years experience in the delivery of IT programs to both the secondary and tertiary education sectors. More recently, Daryl has been a mathematics trainer at BCAL, delivering Certificates in General Education for Adults and pre-accredited numeracy. Daryl has had an ongoing interest in data management and related programming applications.

Mon Eager
Admin/Compliance Officer

It is Mon's smiling face that greets everyone at reception. Mon began at BCAL as a student and after volunteering for 3 months, applied for a job. She did so because she noticed that the centre was supportive and inclusive. She likes that BCAL supports and helps people to build their confidence and the community supports us back.

Glo-Ann D'Souza
Marketing Manager

Glo is a Graphic and Digital Designer. Her experience has seen her work as a sole designer and part of a team for large corporations such as The Body Shop, Deloitte, Jetstar and Penguin. Glo is currently whipping our website into shape and ensuring that all of our marketing materials are cohesive. She enjoys the community minded nature of BCAL and also the food that is produced in our classes.

Kate McNish

Kate is BCAL’s Salon Assistant trainer. She teaches people how to become hairdressers. She loves sharing hairdressing skills and watching people perfect their technique. Kate has extensive experience in both salons and teaching. Kate enjoys coming to work because of her colleagues and their shared passion for educating people.

Cheryl Rees

Cheryl is the newest member of the BCAL team. She is teaching Certificate III in Horticulture. Cheryl loves plants and looks forward to sharing her passion and helping students to feel comfortable in the horticulture industry. She has a special interest in indigenous plants. Cheryl enjoys the friendly, open, welcoming environment at BCAL, where everyone is accepted and services are tailored to individuals.

Alana Hamilton

Alana is a Capacity Building trainer and Barista Basics trainer at BCAL. She mostly works one on one with select participants but also enjoys group sessions. The excursions with participants are hard work but also a highlight of her time here. She loves the lunches prepared by participants and seeing them develop and improve their skills.

Josh Latham
Marketing Officer

Josh has a knack for graphic design and video making and the position allows him to explore this passion further. He loves the work that he does and the people he works with.

Daryl Pellizzer

Daryl teaches Migrant English. He has worked In primary and secondary schools, tertiary colleges and universities, teaching English as an additional language, drama in education, literacy and study skills. He is proud of the learning environment that he has helped to create and looks forward to coming to work.

Melissa Harrison
Capacity Building Coordinator/Trainer

Known to all as Moo, she has a background in and is passionate about the disability field. Moo teaches cooking, life skills and Work For Yourself – Care and Support Sector. She loves to cook and share food knowledge. Moo loves the supportive, vibrant, inclusive environment at BCAL. It really is a place that makes everyone feel welcome.

Geoff Ellis

Geoff teaches Photography & Friendship to NDIS participants. He enjoys the safe and inclusive space that is BCAL and watching his participants pursuing their dreams. In his maintenance role, Geoff relishes in respecting and protecting the heritage and stories that echo down the BCAL corridors.

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